A sample list of my articles. In several cases versions of the same article appear in multiple magazines:

Labor Pains: The 1962 Battle Over Canadian Health Care--an Interview with Dr. Staff Barootes

Available online here.
Whole Earth Review  Winter 1995
Z Magazine  February 1996
PNHP Newsletter  July 1996

Frank Zappa Interview (written with Batya Friedman)

You can find multiple pirated versions of this article on the Internet. A nice one is here.
A pdf of the Progressive article is here.
The Progressive  November 1986
Wire Magazine  December 1986
Option Magazine  Jan/Feb 1987 (part 1, cover article)
Option Magazine  Mar/Apr 1987 (part 2)
Democracy in Print: The Best of the Progressive Magazine  (book)  2009

Where Have We Read This Before?

Phoenix Journal   March 1992

Add Color to Your Apps With Colored Controls

Visual C++ Developer   December 1999

Drag and Drop Without OLE

Visual C++ Developer   December 1999

How to 13P

The Dramatist   July/August 2009