Steve Lyons
2800 Church Str
Bellingham, WA 98225


With a degree in electrical engineering (UC Berkeley), I began my career in hardware design and then migrated to software engineering. I took two years off from engineering to design and build my own house, which led to writing a book for first-time home buyers. Soon this book became a book/software combination.

I returned to engineering as an independent consultant, allowing me more time to focus on writing as well as my other passion, music. I began writing free-lance articles for magazines and newspapers - mostly related to real estate. But soon I branched out and I was publishing articles on a myriad of subjects, such as fire safety, the music industry, software programming, and health care policy.

All this time I was keeping journals of "ideas," mostly snippets of dialogue. I decided that all this dialogue might mean I am a playwright! So I took courses and was soon writing plays. After a few failed attempts I found my plays being produced on stage. Like most writers, I also have an unproduced, but award-winning, movie script sitting in a drawer somewhere.

I am now a home maker for my wife Bree and son Riley. I pursue theatre writing, web site design, and editing in between cooking, attending parent-teacher conferences, cleaning or doing the laundry!

For more about my web design and editing services, visit Lyons Consultants.

Co-founder and producing director of Bellingham TheatreWorks.