I wrote a local, San Francisco Bay Area focused book for first time home buyers called The Window of Affordability. This later evolved into a national book and software combination called HomeBuyer. The book was self-published, and was distributed by Publishers Group West.

HomeBuyer and The Window of Affordability are no longer in print.

Some review excerpts:

"The writing is clear and candid. The program is easy to use."

New York Times May 16, 1995

". . . provides you with easy-to-grasp guidance that makes the whole process fun rather than frustrating."

Chicago Sun-Times June 12, 1995

"An excellent new book."

YourMoney Magazine August/September Issue

". . . a knowledgeable and supportive guide through the real estate jungle."

Real Estate Digest July, 1995

"The program is easy to use, even for computer novices. The book and software program are thorough and surprisingly free of wordiness and redundancies."

San Diego Union-Tribune September 24, 1995

"HomeBuyer is on your side. Steve Lyons, creator and writer of the home buyer kit, comes across as straightforward and knowledgeable, giving home buyers the background necessary to confidently make what otherwise can be a traumatic decision."

PCNovice Magazine October 1995

"It doesn't simply crunch numbers for you, it explains what those numbers mean in plain English."

Home Office Computing May 1997

"We get hundreds of calls from first time home seekers. We tell all of them to get the Bible - Steve Lyons' HomeBuyer. It saves buyers many hours and possibly thousands of dollars."

United Homeowner Association